4-Week Anxiety Course

What to expect:

This course contains 4 modules designed to be done in sequence. 4 weeks is a suggested time frame, but the modules can be done completely at your own pace.

Each module contains roughly 30 minutes of instructional video, broken up into lessons that are 10 minutes or less. The lessons contain supplemental worksheets, exercises and journal prompts to help you apply the material to your life and reduce your anxiety.

This course includes

  • Coping skills, breathing techniques, and relaxation techniques

  • Mindfulness practices to help reduce anxiety

  • Physical factors that may be impacting your anxiety

  • Reframing unhelpful thoughts

  • Communication skills to help in relationships

  • Exploring environmental factors

  • The relationship between anxiety and avoidance

  • Reducing your sensitivity to triggers over time

  • Building confidence and efficacy

  • Mindset shifts to reduce anxiety

  • Video walkthroughs of coping skills

  • Summary info sheets to help synthesize the information

  • Journal prompts to go deeper into lesson topics

  • Interactive worksheets to help you map out your anxiety response and triggers

  • Worksheets to help you identify and challenge unhelpful thinking

  • Worksheets exploring and deconstructing your narrative of self

  • Goal setting and reflection worksheets

This course is for you if...

  • Your anxiety is getting in the way of the life you want to live

  • You want to understand your anxiety better

  • You're looking for strategies and tools to reduce your anxiety

  • You want to change your thoughts, patterns, and environment

Includes a personalized dashboard and interactive worksheets to track your progress

This course is an educational tool, it's not therapy and it's not a replacement for therapy. While the instructors are therapists, taking this course doesn't constitute a therapeutic relationship. We recommend working with a therapist or other mental health professional if you need a higher level of care.

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